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In a relaxing spa setting, our compassionate team provides non-invasive, pain & drug free wellness therapies for the Body, Skin & Mind! Using Nobel Prize winning technology, our state of the art Microcurrent devices scan and decipher abnormal tissue then adjust output based on YOUR body. When corrective current normalizes, damaged tissue relaxes & rapid detoxification begins, thus allowing nutrients to be delivered on a cellular level. Results include the increased production of your body’s natural energy, reduction of inflammation and the elimination of Pain! Many ask, and frankly find it hard to believe that the Electro Equiscope can provide so many therapy options! It’s simple, by going directly to the source, on a cellular level where illness & injury originate. We are electrical beings. If our bodies are tested electrically (EKG) we bring people back to life electrically, then doesn’t it make sense to treat our bodies electrically? Relief from chronic & acute pain, neuropathy, skin rejuvenation & beauty therapies, performance enhancement, increased flexibility & circulation, sports injuries, neurological conditions, anxiety, immune support + more are achieved by facilitating your body on the cellular level to rapidly regenerate itself. Results are Proven, Powerful, Fast and Lasting! If you are looking for a therapy option, where others have failed or to add to a current therapy regimen, call for a Free Consultation! 

We also have a wide variety of Dr. Formulated Supplements and Skin Care Products!

Discounts apply to: First Responders, Active or Retired Military, Educators and Sr. Citizens.

Direct Mobile & Text: 918-346-9335.  Office: 918-770-9100
After Hour and Weekend Appointments available by request.

With Microcurrent Body, Skin & Mind therapies, you WILL be back in the Game of Life!