The pain on my left side of the back and shoulder has been very minimal this afternoon and the range of motion on my arm seems improved. Thanks again!

Dan - Colorado

I wanted to thank you guys for painlessly fixing me up when I had gout!

Randy - Las Vegas

Pam, thanks for treatments last summer the tingling in my feet and back went away, but is coming back. I  can't wait for the next treatment, it’s a god send!

Gary - Las Vegas

Felt amazing after my treatment. Staff is super friendly and pain and function in my hand was considerably better after the first treatment. Will go back!

Jason - Tulsa

I received a microcurrent facial and can see immediate results. My jawline and facial structure are noticeably improved. The procedure was relaxing and painless. An unexpected surprise is that my back and shoulders were less tight when I left.

Megan - Tulsa

The Equiscope has proven its utility by removing inflammation, the root cause of all disease. I highly recommend it.

Stephen, MD Cardiologist

After my ACL injury, I was game ready in half the time.

Darren, Philadelphia Eagles

It worked on my torn rotator cuff and I bet a dollar to a donut that it will work. On my other aches and pains. I like it.and highly recommend it and am going back.

Cecil, Tulsa