Relaxation Therapy

Relaxation Session using Microcurrent

90- minute: Electro-Equiscope, provides Microcurrent which is particularly effective ridding acne, as it destroys bacteria, while encouraging the healing process without harming the healthy skin. As an added bonus, the Acne Microcurrent session is relaxing and has amazing anti-aging benefits, as it helps the recreation of collagen and elastin in the skin. This pain-free and drug-free approach for those battling either facial or body acne, is a must!


Total Relaxation Package-1 hour

Are you looking to Relax & Re-Center? This package is for you! While in our beautiful treatment room, you will receive a microcurrent spa therapy on your feet, while relaxing in our heated-massage chair, surrounded by candles & relaxing music. After, you will further relax with microcurrent on our heated therapy bed, thus letting your stress & worries fade away. This session provides the relaxing effects of that of a massage & meditation, with the added benefit of recharging the body & mind.




Relaxation Foot Therapy using Microcurrent

Relax after a long day at work, if you are having a stressful day or suffering from painful feet and legs. In our heated, massage chair, you will soak your feet in a heated foot spa, while receiving micro-current therapy. You can book this therapy as a 30 minute relaxation session, if that is all your schedule allows or book the “Total Relaxation Package”. The foot therapy is also great for conditions due to pain from arthritis and painful leg & feet conditions